Praise in the Park

Each Sunday from Memorial Day – Labor Day our Church gathers with others at Oakwood Lakes State Park for “Praise in the Park”.

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THANK YOU for coming and we hope you’ll come again! 




Justin Raulston, Director of Christian Student Fellowship, wrote this article about “Kingdom Mindednes” and his experience visiting Praise in the Park.


Kingdom Mindedness


I use the phrase or description “Kingdom Minded” quite a bit. It’s my “go-to”

I think of Kingdom Mindedness being when you do something that is all about showing, expanding, and glorifying God’s Kingdom with no concern for yourself and your own benefit.

A couple weeks ago I was visiting a church up in Bruce, SD, and they did something that to me was the epitome of Kingdom Mindedness in a lot of ways.

I got to the church about 90 minutes before service, so I could set some things out on a table for them from our ministry and hang out for a while, and the lead minister told me where Sunday school would be but then said, “I’m heading out we’ve got our, Church at the Park”.

It sounded interesting to me, so I decided to jump in the van with him and head on out. This church is about 3 miles from a beautiful state park up in South Dakota, and every Sunday morning in the summer they load up their musicians and others and head out to the state park and offer a church service there for all the weekend campers from out of town. They lead them in singing, have a short sermon, and let everybody there introduce themselves to each other creating a little weekend Christian community among people from all across the Midwest. Then when it’s over they have to rush back into town and within 5 minutes after they get back the same musicians and minister lead their normal weekly worship service. They do this from Memorial day weekend all the way through Labor day weekend.

Here’s what I loved about this. Not a single person the Sunday I was there was probably ever going to come to their church in Bruce. There was no offering taken, as they considered all these campers their “guests” for the weekend. They have served in this way so well, and for so long that the State Park has it’s own outdoor chapel with a plaque letting people know about these Sunday services.

Kingdom mindedness. Simply sharing the love of Jesus, and the Word of God with people for an hour on the weekend, who they will most likely never see again. Who knows how God will use that, and how God has used that. Hard to tell, but I have a feeling it will be fun to find out when this group of people stand before the King of Kings and He shares with them all the Kingdom stories that began at this camp chapel over the years.





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