The New Testament Church had each other’s back. In fact the Bible records that the first believers “shared all things in common”. Today in more well-to-do societies it is difficult for the church to feel the fellowship that comes from sharing. That’s the reason for PCC Share.

There are some items that we use occasionally but most of the time they just take us shelf or garage space. These are perfect for sharing. Why should everyone have a food dehydrator or a six inch cutting drill attachment or a garment steamer? If you have items like this that are rarely used but occasionally needed. Would you consider listing them here on the PCC Share page?

The rules are simple, list items that you don’t mind sharing. Pick up items that you need to borrow and return them in a reasonable amount of time. This is just a small way we can share with each other because so much has been shared with us.

Hot Dog Roller Grill – Contact Tim Smith