2018 School of Hope Thank You Letter

To all our generous partners …..                                                                                               5-11-18

Our Mission: We are called by God to be in a personal relationship with His son, Jesus Christ.  We are also called to be in a relationship with our brothers and sisters in Christ all over the world.  We come alongside our fellow believers in Arcahaie, Haiti to bring encouragement and hope with His word.  We do this by providing basic education, jobs, food, water, friendship, and sharing Bible scripture.  By partnering together, our hope is to empower this community to overcome material and spiritual poverty.

2017 brought us many Blessings…. One of the greatest being our new 501C3, Anchor Of Hope. Please check it out at www.anchorofhope.net

Update: 5 of us traveled to School of Hope March 3-10, 2018

Back Row: Dennis Scheel, Sadie Anderson, Patrick (Praying Pelicans partner / interpreter)

Middle Row: Jean Claude Degazon (our fearless leader and school founder) Wendy Denison

Front Row: Jacob (missionary in training), Daniel (Van owner / Driver), Karly Denison, Chantel Reuer,

Ronold (Praying Pelicans partner / interpreter)

Our project:   JC needed a classroom built to house our 7-8-9 graders. Too many students packed in a room does not provide a good education.  A fun filled with of sifting limestone, hauling rocks, dumping cement, building rebar supports, loving, laughing, singing, and building relationships!!  This picture shows the classroom…. Which has since been finished !!! Praise God !

Such Joy created by sending students home with dresses, shorts, toothbrushes, jump ropes, Days for Girls Kits, blankets, shoes, diapers….. all donated by you! I wish you could truly see the Hope it brings!

Dennis, continuing in his teaching…… built benches for the 3-4-5 year old kids rooms. Using his handyman skills, he taught Samson & Kaleb how to operate tools, measure & level, assemble benches, and take pride in their work. The kids thoroughly enjoyed their new seats!

We are continuing to pray for a well. We have no idea why this goal / dream has not yet come to fruition. All we know is “we don’t know His plans” . We still pursue the well for the following reasons:

*It is not practical to continue to spend $700 / month for water, indefiniitely

*To  Provide clean drinking water to children and staff  during the school day in order to prevent dehydration, illness and fatigue is of the utmost importance

*To Provide clean water to cook food and wash dishes, as well as showers & laundry for the boarding staff makes life much easier for all involved.

.*To Provide Hand Washing Stations, hygiene education and water for hand-washings to prevent Cholera and other stomach ailments may save the lives of our students.

Please continue to pray with us over the water………

THANK YOU for walking this road with us! For all of your donations, time, love, support, prayers, goodies, advice, friendship……… we are humbled & grateful to be your Hands & Feet for these kids!

Your Kingdom Work Partners,

Dennis & Jean Scheel                     Joey, Wendy, & Karly Denison