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Sermon Series: “Revive us Again

Revivals in the Old Testament II Chronicles 7:14

May 30 The Revival under Jacob. (Genesis 35:1-15)
Time to Reprioritize

-this is going waaay back, but human nature hasn’t changed.

-When we get nervous we are tempted to seek a golden calf!
-COVID made us nervous. Where did we turn?

June 6th Revival under Moses. (Exodus 32- 33)
Time to Confess Sin.

June 13th Revival under Samuel. (I Samuel 7:1-13)
Time to Serve the Lord Only.

June 20th Revival under Elijah. (I Kings 18)
Time to Let God Be God.

June 27th Revival under Asa. (II Chron 14- 16)
Time to Seek the Lord.

July 4th Revival under Jehoshaphat. (II Chronicles 20)
Time to Pray.

July 11th Revival under Hezekiah. (II Chronicles 29; 30:1-9; 31)
Time to Turn Back to God.

July 18th Revival under Josiah. (II Chronicles 34-35)
Time to Humble Ourselves.

July 25th Revival under Zerubbabel. (Haggai 1; Zech 1:1-6)
Time to Renew God’s Work.

August 1st Revival under Nehemiah. (Nehemiah Chap 8)
Time to Rejoice in the Lord.

August 8th Revival under Jonah. (The Book of Jonah Chap 1-4)

Time to obey God.