Iron Men

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Iron Men is a ministry for men who are seeking God’s will and direction for their lives.

Each week there is an Iron Men Bible Study at Joey Denison’s – we meet to pray and study God’s Word. 


On the third  Tuesday  of each month, we meet together at The C-Store in Estelline  at 6am

We gather to pray and encourage each other in our walk with Christ.

The format is simple. We set and attempt to meet godly goals each month.  We meet together to sharpen each other and discuss where we met or fell short of meeting our goals.  We pray for each other and encourage.  

10 Commandments of Iron Men

1. You have to be a man

2. Seeking God’s will through the Bible

3. Keep in confidence that which is said in confidence

4. Come and go as needed-must come late? leave early? cant make every week…It’s all good!

5. We can disagree

6. Invite men you think would benefit (not detract) from Iron Men

7. Weekly(or Monthly) topics will be prepared… However, if any man has a pressing issue that needs to be addressed on any given week, we will make time.

8. No question is a dumb question

9. Stay on task…no rabbit trails

10. We will pray


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