Diamond Willow Ministries: Tokata Youth Center Update


We had a little gathering yesterday with the youth and community members to put a sign up on the property in Fort Thompson where the Tokata Youth & Family Center will be constructed.  We decided to go ahead and put up a sign now as some of the ladies in the community are anxious to start doing Indian taco sales to raise funds for the construction of the facility.  That would take LOTS of Indian tacos!  However it is really neat to see the community bought in, excited, and doing their part to make this a reality.  So the sign went up as a symbolic event mainly for our community here and to continue to fan the flames of  involvement and enthusiasm.  There is one video and a few photos on Facebook, but we are not putting too much about  the project in the media  yet as we will have a major media blitz in the springtime when the public portion of the capital campaign will be launched.

I especially like the attached photo from yesterday of Aaron answering the youth’s questions about the building.  I think the kids may wear the ink off of the new sign as they are so excited they can’t stop touching it and pointing at the different parts of the building.

Have a great weekend!

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