As For Me and My House – Program Explanation

“As For Me and My House” – is more than a program, it’s a reflection to our commitment bringing God’s Word to our families in the best way possible.  There is great value in consistent study and devotion time, value for husbands and wives, value for parents and children and value for extended family.  That is why PCC is committing to family lessons five nights per week fifteen minutes per night.


As a way of cheering each other in this undertaking, we together are coloring a picture this year.  Our picture is of a house.  Overlapping the picture is a grid containing 10,000 boxes.  Every time a family completes a family lesson, they color in a box.  In 1 year we hope to have the entire picture colored.  (Typically a family will come to our Sunday Service and color in 5 boxes from the previous week).


The Family Lessons for this year are linked to a calendar on the PCC As for Me and My House Page.  They are also in PDF book form on that same page.  There is a link at the bottom of that page to open the lessons in your own PDF browser.   There is a 3 part lesson posted every 3 days Mon-Fri.  Families will do a part of 1 lesson each weeknight.  


Notes Concerning Family Lessons

-You can use your own material if you wish

-If you miss a night, you can make it up later or just move on (you won’t ruin the picture)

-Occasionally Invite other families nearby to do the lesson with your family! Even in your pajamas!

-Get other families involved other than PCC people.  Just give them the link and password. (invite them using an ecard: CLICK HERE)

-These are not just for families with young children, they are for all different family situations.

-If you can’t be together sometimes, do the lesson separately.

-If some night you are pressed for time then do an abbreviated the lesson – it’s ok!

-Handle the memory verses any way you choose

-Ask one of our Senior Saints if you can invade their home some evening and do the lesson together there.

-Do a bonfire lesson (with smores)

-Do a lesson in the car (No reading for the driver though)

-If you see a mistake in any lesson, let Tim know

-Do you have no web access and need a hard copy provided at the Church? Let Tim know

-This is for people who are away at college too (your roommate needs this!)

-Skype/Facetime a lesson with someone sometime.

-Enjoy!  God’s Word is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path!!